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Theroretically because of the fact that offensive bonuses are no longer provided through armor RS 3 Gold, I should not feel any disadvantage wearing inferior armor if my job is to find archer or mage and I'm not in a position to purchase the top. Does that make sense?

This isn't an armor question however spiders are very easy to crush. How can I identify their weaknesses in other weapons? What is the best way to determine which element of spell is most suited at combating them, or what kind of weapon I should choose? Or should I just put aside all melee against them

I've heard that a lot of weapons are now balanced. Do you think this applies to armor as well? AKA, can I utilize chain mail to slay an opponent without losing my defense advantages? Also the square shields, medium and square helms were updated to ensure viability. I have to admit it's very complicated and I'm still trying to learn about the basics. Any assistance is welcome. We appreciate your help.

Runescape's Evolution of Combat update continues to wreak havoc on its players Buy OSRS Power Leveling. As such the players of Runescape are hearing the battle cry "Adapt or die!" EoC players often hear this cry and believe that adapting to change is a positive thing.
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