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ARGOMENTO: Im saving up to purchase some sort of god armour l

Im saving up to purchase some sort of god armour l 3 Mesi 2 Settimane fa #5485

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My scope is 78, and I would like 80. I am currently killing black dragons, banking the hides and bones, for some money. Are there better ways to get range xp which are not slayer, yaks, experiments, rock crabs, or avansies? I've been told that RS gold murdering black demons are great xp, but don't drop much value in the way of money. I also have been told there is a safespot for them. Where is it? (A pic would be nice, if you can) I would love to receive my assault and strength to 75 from 70. Should I change any of that around? I really don't have much money though. (Like, I cannot purchase dharoks, for instance ) I could get to armored zombies. For the first question, even though you said no, I would need to say aviansies. They're the ideal range monster to the combo of xp+cash. At least for me personally. For the second query, the trolls on passing pleatau or again, baby blue drags. If you don't care about money, then the gorillas you experience during the Monkey Madness quest. There's an altar right next to them, which means that you can endlessly melee shield.

Im saving up to purchase some sort of god armour like the names in the subject. Which is the best one to buy? And what is the best way to save up to purchase it. They're all the same, asiding trim colours, and symbol on the platebody. If it were me, I would go with Guthix armor, my motives are twofold: First; It is more affordable, Second; I like guthix the best. However, it's a question of private opinion. Even the"rares" cost growth from yesterday and the SHARP cost knobs for rares now are the consequence of the numerous. Gamers that got banned for buy OSRS gold insect abusing last sunday, am I right? If that is true I want these rares to return to their original costs! Or perhaps just a bit lower and STAY there!
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